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Chobe Houseboats

Lake Kariba | 5 Star houseboat | 6 cabins| Moored in Binga | On the Border of Zimbabwe and Zambia
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Featured Houseboats:

Ichobezi Houseboat

In a unique and truly inspiring place lies the "Gem of the Caprivi" – the legendary Impalila Island. Marking the confluence of the Chobe and Zambezi Rivers, the island is also distinctive in that it is the place where four countries meet – Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Inkwazi Houseboat

Inkwazi Houseboat operates between Sepopa and Seronga on the Okavango Mainstream. It is accessible by road, making it the ideal stopover for 4x4 enthusiasts. The Delta offers exceptional birding and outstanding angling opportunities.

Inyankuni Houseboat

Inyankuni Houseboat operates between Sepopa and Seronga on the Okavango Mainstream. It is accessible by road, making it the ideal stopover for 4x4 over Landers and tour groups. Optional extras include catered mekoro outings and game flights.

Catalina Houseboat

The Catalina Houseboat is situated in Binga on lake Kariba. It features 6 luxury cabins with airconditioning and en suite facilities. The houseboat has crew members including a captain, a chef and 4 deckhands.

The Mere-Maid Houseboat

This 80ft x 30ft Houseboat can accommodate up to 8 passengers and features a Captain, a cook and 2 deck hands. The Meremaid Houseboat is moored in Binga at the harbour. The boat also features 2 tender boats wich able you to enjoy activities such as fishing, game viewing and access to day trips.

O B Joyful Houseboat

The O B Joyful Houseboat features 6 luxury cabins with 5 star accommdation. The boat is a 70 ft. Pontoon Style Houseboat that is moored in Lake Kariba. The boat has 3 tender boats that are used for activities off of the boat. The houseboat is serviced by a captain, a chef, a deckhand and a cabin attendant.

Nguni Voyager

The Nguni Voyager can accommodate 10 people in 5 cabins. The houseboat cruises the Zambezi and the Chobe River and it is moored in the Chobe National Park. This 5 star houseboat is 22 meters long and you will be hosted by the Captian, a hostess, a chef and deckhands.

Pride of the Zambezi

The Pride of the Zambezi Houseboat is a 5 star houseboat that is moored in Lake Kariba, Binga. The Pride of the Zambezi accommodates 12 passengers in 6 cabins. The houseboat features a captain, a host a chef and 3 well trained guides.

Zambezi Queen

The Zambezi Queen Houseboat cruises the Chobe River and the Zambezi River. This 5 star houseboat features 14 cabins and can accommodate up to 30 passengers. The boat is 150 ft in length and has plenty of staff that will make your stay abord the Zambezi Queen an absolute pleasure.



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